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    Mother of God - "Seven-shot"

    Around 1875. Moscow.


    Dear our Icon - Friends,


       Allow us to announce You our new collection: 


     "Treasures of Christmas 2019" 


        We hope to please You with our new discoveries in the world of ancient icons. None of the icons of this collection has ever been in art circulation, has not been circulated in the print, has not been put up for auction in any form. 

         Each icon in this collection is unique. However, judge for Yourself, dear friends! 


           Please enjoy:


    "Treasures of Christmas 2019" 


       All the best,

    Nina and Mikhail Gerasimenko,

    as well as the entire staff of the Russian Icon Gallery.


     Vene 37   Estonia 10123 Tallinn   Tel/Fax: (372 6481483)   Email: 





    In addition to our primary area of operations, we also provide the following services:



    Consultation for both the novice and experienced collectors.


    Sets with additional in-depth information about the icons.




    All spectrum of connoisseur services in the field of Icons.


    Consultation regarding the investment potential of antique icons.



    For receiving more information concerning the above-mentioned services, please contact us




    Russian Icon Gallery is always glad to provide additional information regarding any item of our stock. Any item of the gallery can be reserved for a negotiated length of time (except those already marked as "reserved" or "sold").




    We employ only proven transportation agents: DHL or Estonian Air Mail. Special custom-built boxes are used to ensure the safety of any icon during the delivery.




    All items are insured for damage or loss during the delivery.




    Crucial attributes of any icon of our collection are expressed in a certificate, which is made after an expert analysis.


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    We would like to bring to Your attention our small experimental illustrated glossary. It might be incomplete, but our own. We give an explanation of specific words, terms and concepts related to icon painting in this glossary.

    Articles are very brief, but nevertheless, it is better to know a little about everything than a lot of about nothing. The dictionary will be gradually updating.


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